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When the pieces don’t make sense

I was designing a book accent appliqué for one of my tote bags for Treasurehouse Made the other day. As I was arranging the pieces of the pattern cutouts, a thought occurred to me that the offset shapes probably look like nonsense to someone watching at that time.

But to me, it made sense. I knew exactly how it would turn out because I designed the pattern myself on the computer. Even though part of the process involved cutting out seemingly diverse pieces, I knew the pieces should come together perfectly as envisioned.

It’s very easy to see the pieces in your life or the lives of others and conclude that it doesn’t make sense. Puzzles — non-connecting events or interests, sparse triumphs in a sea of discouragement. Fill in the gap, and scatter it around. You cannot seem to connect anything.

I have learned that it may not make any sense, but when it comes to God’s working in the life of humans, it’s often not about how it looks, but about what is in the mind of the creator.

And that gives me hope.

Don’t fret over the puzzling pieces of your life. Focus on the one who is making your life into a masterpiece. God knows the end from the beginning and because he knows what he is doing, you can be still. You can trust Him and follow his lead. Very soon, it will be clear what he was cooking up.

And it’s going to be beautiful because He makes everything beautiful in its time.

Did I say trust?


I have many pieces in my life. For starters, it almost drove me crazy trying to figure out how my seemingly divergent pursuits and interests aligned with the backdrop of my training and career in healthcare, or how having a limiting chronic health condition aligns with my very active and thriving life on purpose.

I have stopped wondering how the pieces fit. I am learning to trust the One who holds my time and purpose in his heart and take one step at a time according to His direction.

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