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I am a Missionary Creative, passionate about Creativity, Intentional Living, Nonprofits, Child Health and Development and Positive Change. When these purpose areas intersect with my skills—thankfully, they do pretty often—they become beautiful projects. ​​​​​​I am a work in progress and I consider each new project, relationship and experience an opportunity to grow into purpose. 
With a Medicine and Public Health degree in the bag, I am taking steps towards a doctoral degree in the Child Development field.
As a writer and audiovisual storyteller, I use artistic tools to create transformative stories and experiences that drive positive change.  I am currently working on a number of story projects within STUDIO 13:52, a creative company that empowers missionary creatives to produce their most transformative work everyday. 
When not working, creating stuff or gaining experience in nonprofits by adding value to iEducate and Great Minds, both 501(c)3 nonprofits, you will find me home with my wife, visiting friends, binge-watching classes, designing websites, reading or listening to a book or watching video reviews of newest tech. 

Donut | Nonfiction - 2014 ♦ Available here
Snippets (Volume 1)  | Nonfiction - 2016 ♦ Available here
Joyride  | Graphic Novel - 2019 ♦ Available on Amazon
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​​​​​​​"Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart."
~ Psalm 37:4 ESV
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